Your Family's Comfort is Our Family's Business


Your Family's Comfort
is Our Family's Business


Programmable Thermostats Help Homeowners Save on Energy Costs

thermostat-winterize-lg.pngProgrammable thermostats make energy conservation simple. By installing an easy-to-use programmable thermostat in your home, you can set your heating and/or cooling system to adjust your home's temperature levels in accordance to your family's schedule. Temperatures can be set to different comfort levels when the family is at home, at work and school, sleeping or even away for longer periods of time. By managing the heating and/or cooling system's cycles, the programmable thermostat can lower your energy use and reduces your energy costs. We recommend setting a 4-to-5 degree difference to see optimum savings. 

We carry, install, and service a full line of programmable, digital, and even wireless thermostats. Some thermostats even have smartphone compatibility. The digital technology allows you to check your home's temperature while you're out of the house and set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature just before you arrive home. Today's smart thermostats will "learn" your schedule, and adjust to help you reach the optimum efficiency levels possible. They can also integrate with other smart systems to let you control your lights, sprinkler systems and door locks, and connect with security camera feeds.

Convenient and energy-efficient, a programmable thermostat is your next step in home energy improvements! 

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