Your Family's Comfort is Our Family's Business

Your Family's Comfort
is Our Family's Business


Price Protection

Prepare for next year’s heating season now!

Protect your fuel price with one of our valuable price protection plans.


Fixed Price

This option allows you to pay a guaranteed price per gallon. You are protected if the market rises, though your price will remain the same if the market price of oil decreases. Your price remains at one fixed price, no matter what the market does. Many of our customers find this to be the safest, worry-free pricing option.




Price Cap

priceCap.pngWe can provide a ceiling limit on your cost AND a limitless bottom to how much you pay. Therefore, you are protected from prices rising above your ceiling. Anytime the daily rate is below your ceiling, you pay the lower rate. The fee for our Price Cap is determined on a per-gallon basis, and we can work with you to determine an estimate.

This type of downside price protection carries an additional charge to cover the cost of the insurance needed to protect your price cap. If you choose our Price Cap, an upfront market-based fe will be added to your bill.





Our Pre-Buy payment option is ideal for customers who wish to pay for their fuel upfront, before the heating season begins. This plan allows you to purchase the number of gallons of fuel you anticipate using throughout the heating season at a low pre-season rate. If the market price of oil increases during the season, your price will not be affected. Plan ahead with this option and be worry-free next winter.



Daily Price

This option requires no contracts or fees, making it the most flexible for our customers. Your price simply increases or decreases with the market price, allowing you to take full advantage of low market prices. However, if oil prices rise, so will your price. The flexibility of this option makes it possible for our customers to add further price protection at any point during the season.