Your Family's Comfort is Our Family's Business

Your Family's Comfort
is Our Family's Business


Spring into Action: Get the Refreshing Indoor Air You’ve Always Wanted

- 11:16 am - February 10th, 2016

While it may be hard to imagine in the midst of a cold and snowy February, spring is on the horizon. And you know what that means: picturesque days, chirping birds, a perfectly comfortable temperature, and of course, the wonderful scent of fresh and clear air. And while neither a groundhog nor you can really determine when that first spring day arrives, you can do something about the quality of your indoor air. So why settle for polluted, less-than-pristine indoor air quality? 
At V-Fuel, we’re committed to your complete home comfort, and a big part of that complete picture is indoor air quality. Without proper filtration, bacteria and dust particles can accumulate in your ductwork overtime, and can then be spread around your home whenever air is circulated through the ductwork. These pollutants can cause a range of health issues, from minor allergy annoyances to more serious ailments like asthma, respiratory problems and other health complications.    
To combat these pesky particles, we offer high-efficiency filtration and ventilation systems that will rid your home of harmful pollutants and protect you and your family from the health risks. These whole-home purifiers filter dust, mold, odors, and disease-causing bacteria, leaving you with fresh and rejuvenating indoor air to enjoy. For the very best indoor air purification results, we highly recommend an ultraviolet air filtration system, which prevents the spread of harmful particles by using the natural power of ultraviolet light to clean surfaces and eliminate pollutants. In fact, a new UV filtration system can actually kill between 90% and 99% of airborne viruses and contagious bacteria. 
With those impressive figures in mind, just think of how many instances of illness and inconvenience can immediately be prevented by a UV filter. The setup is especially advantageous in a household containing young children and elder adults, who are generally more vulnerable to indoor air pollutants. Plus, your guests will certainly appreciate being in such a refreshing and pleasant atmosphere. 
No need to wait for spring – you deserve the freshest air possible. Contact V-Fuel today, and we’ll help you find and install the air filtration system that will fit your needs and your budget.