Your Family's Comfort is Our Family's Business

Your Family's Comfort
is Our Family's Business


The One-Stop Destination for All Your Heating Oil Needs

- 11:23 am - September 14th, 2015

It’s that time of year again: the time when you’re peeling beach stickers off your car’s bumper, storing away your lounge chairs, and preparing for the heating season ahead. At V-Fuel, we have all the heating equipment you’ll need to stay warm this winter and for many winters to come. With all the advances in heating over the years, the easiest way to experience significant savings in your annual energy costs is to upgrade to new higher efficiency equipment. Whether you’re looking for a boiler, furnace, water heater, heat pump or oil tank, we offer the very best selection of brands on the market, with expert installation service to match.
  • Boilers: With a brand new boiler, you can save as much as a full tank of heating oil each year. Our latest Peerless and Weil-McLain boilers feature new combustion technologies that generate more warmth from the same amount of fuel. With increased efficiency, safer operation, and more space between oil deliveries, you’ll reap the rewards of a new boiler all winter long.
  • Furnaces: A new Regal oil furnace can save you an average of 30-40% on yearly energy costs, in addition to boasting great features like variable speed motors and a limited lifetime warranty. Our two-stage Regal furnaces have two levels of heat output: a high setting for especially cold winter days and a low setting for milder days, providing you with lower fuel usage and optimal comfort flexibility.
  • Water Heaters: One of the most crucial factors for comfortably making your way through a frigid winter is adequate water heating. With our fine selection of water heaters from leading brands like Bock and Thermoflow, you’ll enjoy reliable hot water for showering, laundry and dishwashing all year long. A new oil-fired water heater can supply your hot water faster and far more efficiently than a gas-fired or electric-powered unit, so you’ll always have plenty of hot water for your morning showers.
  • Heating Oil Tank: Enjoy the convenience of having heating oil on hand whenever you need it. We supply reliable and dependable oil tanks that are built with the strength to last you for years to come. Our standard above-ground tanks are made with durable 12-gauge steel. If that’s not enough reassurance, you can upgrade to a tank with ECOGUARD® technology and a 25-year warranty. It’s packed with innovative safety features like a built-in leak detection system and pressure-resistant coating.
For all your heating oil needs this season, there’s only one place to call – V-Fuel. In addition to providing you with the best boilers, furnaces, water heaters, and storage tanks, we also offer our signature installation services. You select the heating oil product that fits your needs, and we’ll do the rest! Contact V-Fuel today to find the equipment that’s right for your home.