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Your Family's Comfort
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How Planning Ahead Helps You Save on Home Heating: Part 2

- 9:26 am - August 2nd, 2016

When it comes time to preparing your home for a New England winter, there’s no such thing as too careful or too early. In fact, now is actually the best time to secure an affordable rate for your home’s heating oil supply. Constant fluctuations in the market can make it hard to secure a dependable price point. With this in mind, V-Fuel helps our customers plan ahead by offering a number of Price Protection Plans. We encourage you to take a closer look at the Price Cap program, as it protects you from prices rising in the but also let you take advantage of fluctuating low prices.
This month’s post explains how to keep your heating oil costs low. For information on how to keep your heating system upkeep costs low, please refer to Part 1.
Price Protection
Connecticut homeowners who get their heating oil via automatic delivery from V-Fuel have four different payment options, three of which provide built-in price protection.
Fixed Price
Enrolling in our Fixed Price program sets your per-gallon fuel cost at a fixed rate that won’t go up or down, no matter what happens to the market value of heating oil.
Price Cap
For a reasonable upfront fee, the Price Cap program provides upside protection similar to that of the Fixed Price plan, as well as downside protection that can help you save when the price of heating oil falls. Your per-gallon cost can never rise above the pre-determined cap, but can fall below it when the daily price of heating oil falls.
If you’re one of those people who likes to get things done and out of the way early, this is the option for you. Pre-Buy payment means exactly that: you purchase all of the gallons you intend to use upfront at our low pre-season cost.  
Daily Price
Don’t want to decide on a price protection plan just yet? Then enjoy our flexible daily price option, which gives you the power to play the market and enroll in one of the above programs later on if you so choose. (Just keep in mind that rates may increase between now and then.)
Heating oil prices are currently fluctuating around some of their lowest levels in years, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll remain this low in the fall. The best way to plan ahead is by reviewing our Price Protection programs and enrolling in the plan that best suits your needs. If you need any assistance, please feel to call or contact V-Fuel for more information.