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Your Family's Comfort
is Our Family's Business


How Planning Ahead Helps You Save on Home Heating: Part 1

- 4:15 pm - June 29th, 2016

While last winter’s relatively mild temperatures provided a nice reprieve for Fairfield County, it would be shortsighted for us to expect next winter to repeat this warm weather pattern. In fact, many climatologists expect the El Niño warmth we experienced earlier this year to be followed by a much colder El Niña pattern that could cause Connecticut temperatures to dip even lower than their New England norm. 
With this in mind, it’s important to plan ahead. The good news is that by doing so, you will not only help ensure your home stays warm and safe all winter — you might also reduce your seasonal expenses. V-Fuel can help you plan ahead with proactive protection for both your heating system and your heating oil price. 
This month’s post explains how to keep your home heating system upkeep costs low. Next month’s Part 2 will show you how to protect your annual home heating oil expenses.
Service Plans
V-Fuel offers two service plans for your heating system: the Comfort Plan and the Premium Plan. Both include an annual tune-up, which can help improve your equipment’s performance to optimal efficiency. Both also provide the preventive maintenance your system needs in order for you to address any minor issues before they become serious problems. Think about it: a free part replacement is much less trouble (and could cost hundreds less) than a sudden no-heat emergency.
The difference between the two service plans is in parts coverage and replacement allowances. The Comfort Plan covers 43 essential components. The Premium Plan covers all of these, as well as 38 other important parts, and provides additional allowances of up to $250 in the event that your boiler or furnace requires a complete replacement.
If you want to plan for everything, V-Fuel also offers optional coverage for your oil-fired water heater and oil storage tank. Visit our service plans page to find out more.
To enroll in a service plan, call or contact V-Fuel. To see how you can protect your annual heating oil expenses, visit our Price Protection page and read next month’s post.