Your Family's Comfort is Our Family's Business

Your Family's Comfort
is Our Family's Business


Holiday Season Conservation Tips

- 5:23 pm - November 25th, 2014

Worried that winter heating costs will compound the cost of holiday gifts and leave you in a financial bind? At V-Fuel, we want everyone in your family to enjoy a full stocking! That’s why we offer the following energy saving tips for you to cut down your energy bills during the winter months:
  • Install a digital programmable thermostat – Setting back your temperature when you’re asleep or away from home can cut total heating/cooling costs by up to 15%. 
  • Replace your traditional bulbs with LED lights – LED lights cost a fraction of traditional holiday lights and burn cooler, reducing the risk of Christmas tree fires.
  • Have your heating system tuned - A well-tuned boiler or furnace burns about 5% less fuel.
  • Insulate your hot water tank - The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that you insulate the tank or water heater and the first six feet of hot water pipe.
  • Lower your thermostat – Every degree you can lower your thermostat may reduce your energy use by 1-3 percent.