Your Family's Comfort is Our Family's Business

Your Family's Comfort
is Our Family's Business


Don’t Sweat Out a Heat Wave This Summer - Upgrade Your Air Conditioner Today

- 5:58 pm - April 30th, 2014

Is it time to upgrade your air conditioning system? Is your system over 15 years old or extremely loud? Has it stopped keeping your house as cool as it used to? If so, then consider upgrading to a new more efficient air conditioner. New cooling systems have the power to save you energy and money!

V-Fuel’s top-of-the-line air conditioning systems will keep you cool and comfortable this summer and for years to come. Our high-efficiency Rheem® air conditioning systems are affordable and can lower your summer energy costs by up to 60 percent! Rheem® air conditioners are environmentally friendly and use refrigerant that will not deplete the ozone. Our expert technicians will install an exceptional system in your house quickly and to the exact manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring peak performance and efficiency.  

We also install ductless mini-split systems, so you can install an air conditioning unit without needing major construction to install ducts. The Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Heating and Cooling System is an energy-efficient system that fits perfectly in tight, compact spaces and is ideal to cool a home extension, basement or garage. Its split-ductless design means that the indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit by a thin gas and liquid refrigerant line. 

Don’t get stuck sweating out a heat wave this summer. Contact us to upgrade your air conditioner and start saving today!