Your Family's Comfort is Our Family's Business


Your Family's Comfort
is Our Family's Business



 Which towns does V-Fuel service in Connecticut?

V-Fuel is proud to provide service for Fairfield County and lower New Haven County, CT. Check out our service area page for detailed information about the towns we serve. If we don't currently service your area, give us a call. We are always expanding, and if you live just outside our service area, we'd love to see if we could help you.

 What can I be doing to maintain my heating or cooling equipment myself?

In addition to your yearly tune-up by V-Fuel, there are several things that you can be doing to ensure that your equipment operates efficiently. Change your filters regularly, according to manufacturer recommendations, and keep an eye out for noticeable damage or potential problems. We recommend you call us for equipment breakdowns and routine maintenance.

 What experience does V-Fuel have?

V-Fuel has been in the heating business for over 75 years. Our hard work, dependable deliveries, and quality service are what have kept us on top of the fuel industry in Connecticut. Want to read reviews of V-Fuel first hand? Visit our testimonials page and see what our customers are raving about.

 What brands of heating and cooling equipment does V-Fuel install and service?

We understand that everyone has their individual preferences when it comes to heating and cooling equipment; that's why we service all major makes and models. To see our most popular and trusted products, check our heating and air conditioning pages

 Do you offer brands that qualify for energy rebates from manufacturers and utility companies, or are eligible for any federal tax credits?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of equipment that qualify for rebates and/or tax credits. Please note that rebates are all subject to change. For specific questions rebates, please contact us.

 I would like to start receiving fuel from your company. What are my options for delivery?

We offer both automatic delivery and will call heating oil delivery options.

 Does your company offer equipment financing options?

V-Fuel is affiliated with AFCFirst. Through their program, we help you with your home comfort improvements. AFCFirst makes it easy to afford your desired energy-saving projects with home comfort financing programs.

 Is heating oil a safe choice, and a good value, for my family's home comfort?

Heating oil is a safe, reliable and cost-efficient choice. To see the facts about heating oil safety, look at our Heating Oil 101 guide.

 My system does not seem to be running as efficiently as it has been in the past. How do I know if it's time to purchase a new home comfort system?

If your home energy bill seems to be rising, temperatures throughout your house are inconsistent and your system seems sluggish or noisy, it may be time for an upgrade or service. Contact us for more information about a new high efficiency heating oil or air conditioning system.


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